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Why We Think Kids Should Learn About Current News?

In Exploart, we believe in incorporating teaching of current affairs to young learners. It is important for children to become aware of the events happening in the world around them - for their own learning and development as a citizen in our society.

China Eastern Crash

It was supposed to be a routine two-hour flight carrying 132 people from one big city to another in southern China. But just over an hour into its journey, China Eastern Flight MU5735 pitched over into a sudden near-vertical dive. The Boeing 737-800 jet hurtled to the ground at high speed - thousands of feet a minute - slamming into a hillside in a fiery explosion.

An incident that has sparked widespread grief and gripped the public, we decided to take this opportunity to educate our learners on this event.

Putting together a PDF, we summarise the event of this accident into bite sized and allow parents/educators to have this discussion with the child, allowing them to make sense on what was happening.

i. From the bite-sized news, learners picked up vocabulary words associated to the event.

ii. Children will learn to read-for-meaning through the bite-size sharing and have a take away on the lesson learnt. This opens up a discussion for both parents and educators to reflect and share their thoughts.

If you are interested to explore more on this topic, you may click on the download link below to have access to our PDF for FREE.

China Eastern Crash Summary
Download • 5.78MB

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