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Did you know that 60% of our learners join Exploart through referral? It's true.

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" Our way of saying thank you to our parents "

Exploart understands that out most valuable assets are our value creations, personalized to inspire and motivate learners on their learning journey. With the quality of service and 'Word of Mouth' referrals, we are proud that our reputation has been credible. 

We believe that your contribution goes a long way in building a larger and better community and we look forward to your active participation and valuable support as we set out on this journey together.

In recognition of our many parents who refer their friends and family to our program, we are happy to introduce our referral reward, ‘Refer a Friend’ as a gesture to thank and reward our parents.

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Refer A Friend

How it works?

Earn back 25% of your child's one month program fee 


Waiver of 1 class

For every new student that is successfully enrolled in our program for more than 2 months, parents may choose their preferred reward.

No limit to how many friends you can refer.

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