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Mother of Karisha

Li Laoshi engages my daughter through creative ways including play, art and music. One such fun project they worked on is building a cardboard dinosaur together, after finding out my daughter loves dinos. Laoshi is incredibly good natured, patient and dedicated. As a result, my daughter's interest and confidence in Chinese has been steadily cultivated, and she looks forward to her class every week!

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Mother of Connor & Lucas

One of the main criteria we had when looking for a Chinese tutor was for the boys to have fun during lessons. We believe that when the children are enjoying themselves, then the learning will come naturally. Zhang Laoshi has been a breath of fresh air. I love hearing the laughter coming from the room, as Laoshi engages the boys through different methods including their toys or getting them to talk about their interests. She understands that each child is different,  so will cater for their needs accordingly. We are very happy with how things are going and look forward to seeing the boys continue to grow and be more confident in Chinese. Thank you Zhang Laoshi for your hard work and dedication.


Mother of Aaliyah

Mandarin is not our native language. However, given the increasing importance of Mandarin, we wanted Aaliyah to learn the language from an early age.

We know that Mandarin is very complex, and we were initially uncertain if we could support her learning journey. After much thought and consideration, we decided to go ahead and expose our children to this multi-lingual environment with the support of Lao Shi.

We are glad that we made this decision. Aaliyah has been showing significant progress and is now learning Mandarin as a second language in primary school. Lao Shi has been very kind and patient with Aaliyah, and we are very thankful for her guidance in building Aaliyah's interest in the language. Thank you!


Mummy of Almizan

Mummy of Almizan

Ongoing mandarin class from Exploart! Ms Kel have been wonderful in making lesson plan for my kid, very encouraging and motivating. My Son loves Jin Lao Shi very much. He looks forward for lessons! She always prepare with materials n made fun activity so my son would engage. Being the only 1-2 kid which is non mandarin speaking family, he is the only one who doesnt have parents speaking mandarin to him outside childcare. But after having Jin Lao shi coming routinly he has more interest in mandarin, he could ask things he didnt catch at school then he also develops confidence in speaking up some mandarin! Whatsapp also very responsive when need to clarify anything i missed. Love it! For those struggling parents who doesn't have anything to monitor or person to go to for mandarin i highly recommend going exploart. Im very lucky to meet the team and hope continuous support from them for my son :)♡♡♡♡

Daddy of Jake

Daddy of Jake

Only good things to say about ExploArt! What a fantastic group of Teachers who have made learning a language so enjoyable for our 5 year old. We are a English-German speaking household and our eldest son goes to a great pre-school but one that predominantly has children from Chinese speaking households. The Teachers from ExploArt have created an amazing method of gamifying language learning for children and we couldn’t be happier with their professionalism and punctuality. Can’t wait for our 3 year old twins to also join in the classes!


Mummy of Kaden

The brief was simple, “I am looking for someone who can play and converse with my son in full Chinese”. And that’s when Kel and Xi lao shi came into the picture. Coming from Australia and having a Chinese background but non- speaker, it was clear to us that we would love for our son to be able to pick up Chinese. Being his third language and non speaking at home we weren’t sure whether he’ll be able to pick it up easily. Having Xi laoshi come to our place and teach our son Kaden in a familiar environment has just not been superb but also gives a piece of mind as we know he is safe at home. Lao shi would interact with Kaden just like an older sister would, playing whilst teaching in Chinese. In the beginning lao shi started off with things/ topics Kaden has huge interest in like dinosaurs, animals, etc. She gradually went into reading and writing. Recently she has started Han Yu pinyin with him. We have been amazed at the relationship between the two and of course Kaden’s progress and speed at picking up Chinese. With lao shi he just speaks so fluently and naturally. Needless to say my husband and I are extremely happy and impressed with the way Xi lao shi teaches , interacts and her professionalism.


Mother of Willo & Malin

My twin sons have been having Chinese lessons with teacher Ashley and from the very first lesson, it has been a wonderful experience for all.  On first meeting, Ashley immediately engaged the boys and discovered what level of experience they had and what was missing in their education.   Each lesson is fun and I have every confidence that they are gaining speaking experience and developing a joy for the language.   Now 7, the boys have been learning chinese in school since they were 2 years old and these private lessons are just what we were looking for.


Ms Lorna Mallory

Alya really enjoys her Mandarin lessons. I can always hear giggles which demonstrates the secure and kind relationship between Ms Ashley, her tutor and Alya as they progress with the learning. It is an excellent support for school work as well as extending Alya in conversational Mandarin and reading. The hour goes quickly and lessons are always pitched at the right level. Thank you!


Mother of Ming Rui

Laoshi is very passionate about teaching Mandarin and inspires my son consistently to challenge himself. Her attention to detail and accuracy combined with her ability to emotionally connect with students makes for an effective and well rounded learning program for my son.

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