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What Are the Best Ways for a Child to Learn Mandarin?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

What is the appeal of Mandarin, making it a must-have language? How to cultivate a love for Mandarin in your child?

The best way is to use all of the resources available to you and have a structured learning time along with fun and interactive activities as well as much immersion as you can fit into their day.

From TV shows, cartoons, movies and even song lyrics, there are also many materials presented in Chinese – you can use these to teach your child to read Chinese characters. With more exposure to the language, your child can learn Mandarin more effectively.

On the same note, if you want a more wholesome Chinese experience for your child, engage a Native Teacher to engage your child with Mandarin oriented program. The more time your child spend time interacting and learn Mandarin through play and discovery, the better grasp of the language they will have. In a study on short-term exposure and social interaction on phonetic learning led by Patricia Kuhl, Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, it was discovered that children could speak foreign languages better through interactions with a live person than through media like audio clips and videos. This is because talking to people provided children with social cues that held their attention in a way that other non-human formats could not.

In Exploart Mandarin Program, we designed the curriculum according to the language proficiency of the learner. Across our team, we believe the best way to learn a foreign language is with immersion. Not just any immersion. Immersion while doing, playing, singing, and living. We work closely as a team to create well-rounded, age-appropriate classes for your children, consistently ensuring that our curriculum are aligned with the International's Syllabuses and Singapore’s MOE System too.

Fig. 1 Memo-Based Practise

Fig. 2 Memo-Based Practise

What we truly offer would be the community of support we want to build with parents for their children. Even aside from contact time, we aim to continuously engage your child. We believe that constant engagement makes for the best reinforcement and enjoyment, which in turns translates into the most effective learning experience. We utilize chat-based platform, such as WhatsApp, to do voice memo-based feedback to ensure proper tone and syllable pronunciation. Speaking and listening feedback is critical to learning a tone-based language. This allow your child to practice on their tone and pronunciation comfortably at their pace and having the teacher to correct and ensure a proper Mandarin Chinese accent.

If you are interested in having a tailored program for your child, please send us a message through our contacts or WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, enjoy the journey and all the small victories along the way with your child!

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